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Nyan Cat

I am so excited to share my new blog with you! It’ll be about all things travel, fashion and everything in between. A little about me, I am a wife, student, a new entrepreneur and a cat mom. I am currently a student at Penn State working hard to get my Bachelor’s in International Relations. I am a wife to my wonderful husband Justin and a cat mom to my cat Nyan. We are a small family and enjoy delicious cups of coffee and exploring new places.

My husband and I first moved to Germany 3 years ago. We were stationed in Bavaria and fell in love with the mountains and the countryside. There I enjoyed my first German beer, all the other good things that came along with moving to Europe. We then got the opportunity to relocate to another state in Germany and now find ourselves in Stuttgart. Though only three hours apart, I see the culture to be vastly different, which I can’t wait to discuss in another blog post. Moving gave us both great opportunities, and our location has made us more central to new places to explore. In the past 3ish years I have been able to travel to about 20 different countries and countless cities. Throughout this time I have been keeping a travel journal of all my memories. I am excited to start this blog journey with you and hope that you all enjoy reading my ramblings and observations from my European adventures. The Silver Hare is something I have been working hard on, and I want it to be something special. I want my shop to reflect the whimsical places I've been, and the stories I'll share. I hope that you can travel with me through this new adventure. Thank you all for your support! Auf Wiedersehen!

My top 5 European cities

My top 5 European cities