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My top 5 European cities

My top 5 European cities

My husband and I first moved to Germany almost four years ago. We were stationed in Bavaria and fell in love with the mountains and the countryside. There I enjoyed my first German beer, lots of other awesome memories. We then got the opportunity to relocate to another state in Germany and now find ourselves in Stuttgart. Though only three hours apart, I find the culture to be vastly different. Moving here has given us lots of opportunities, and our location has made us more central to new places to explore. In the past 4ish years, I have been able to travel to about 20 different countries and countless cities. Throughout this time, I have been keeping a travel journal of all my memories. I am excited to start this blog journey with you and hope that you all enjoy reading my ramblings and observations from my European adventures.

Here I am to tell you about my top 5 favorite trips, so far, (this was hard to pick) and why these places are so unique. I hope if these cities aren’t already on your radar that they will be now. They are so worth the visit!

Here are my top 5! Keep reading to find out why!

  1. Glasgow, Scotland

  2. Bayern, Deutschland (Bavaria, Germany)

  3. Figueres, Girona, Catalonia, Spain

  4. Paris France

  5. Krakow, Poland

My Cat Nyan

My Cat Nyan

Caerlaverock Castle,  Taken by: Justin Peter

Caerlaverock Castle, Taken by: Justin Peter

Glasgow, Scotland

While we only got to stay in Glasgow for three nights, it was one of our most memorable trips. Many people may not know, but my husband’s family name on his mother’s side is Maxwell. The Maxwell’s were a pretty big deal back in the day, and we were lucky enough to visit the Maxwell clan castle for Justin’s birthday trip last year. We visited a small museum there and enjoyed the trip very much. Our entire time we were in Scotland, we were always on the hunt for the Maxwell tartan, and all things whiskey. We also enjoyed a fascinating whiskey tour which oddly enough was owned and ran by a Colombian gentleman. Nonetheless, we enjoyed every second of the city, and I hope I can go back soon to explore more of Scotland. The people of Scotland were so friendly, warm, and welcoming. We even got lost in a small town, the taxi cab driver was so sweet and helped us get to our destination. We enjoyed how talkative and how helpful everyone was. Although I will admit understanding a Scottish accent is not easy. Glasgow will always be unique to us, and we will never forget this sweet memory.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Zugspitze, Deutschland. Taken by: Mary Kate Peter

Bayern, Deutschland

The time we spent in Bavaria was such an enjoyable experience. Being from the city (Philly) I’ve never had such a beautiful encounter in the mountainside as I did in Bavaria. Bavaria has its quirks, and I loved that about this state. Bavaria will always be a part of me as it was a special place where I grew and was able first to experience living abroad. Bavarians have a particular way to make you feel welcome and show you how to Prost (make a toast) properly. Bavaria is filled with small quaint towns that are straight out of a storybook. Building and history so old as an American it’s hard even to fathom. If you are looking for a beautiful, mountainous, relaxing and authentic (whatever that means) German experience this is the place to be. Perfect all year round for anyone who loves the outdoors and visiting beautiful sites.

Figueres, Girona, Catalonia, Spain. Photo taken by: Mary Kate Peter

Figueres, Girona, Catalonia, Spain

Many of you may not know, but I went to school to be an Art Therapist, and I have always been completely fascinated by Salvador Dali. Over our first Valentines day weekend in Europe, we decided to visit this small quaint town. This town was beautiful and an excellent way to begin our early travels in Europe. We spent the weekend exploring all of what inspired Dali and of course we went to his Museum. Figueres is also where we had our first paella, tapas, sangrias, and fell in love with the food culture in Spain. I would love to be in Figueres right now people watching with a glass of wine. We stayed in an amazing Airbnb with a beautiful fireplace and view. This town is perfect for a romantic weekend getaway — an ideal way to relax and take in the inspiration of a brilliant artist.

Paris, France

Paris, France

I’ve been here countless times (okay like seven times). But each time this city takes my heart again and again. There is always something new to find and eat. I love French food, wine, views. Everything about this city makes me happy. I feel like I’m transformed into a different time. I close my eyes and feel like I’m home. Paris is perfect even in the winter time. We went during Christmas time one year and enjoyed the markets and the delicious food carts. My only regret so far is that I haven’t made it to Monet’s Garden. That’s a life long dream of mine that I hope to make come true soon. I found Paris was a great place to travel solo, in case you were curious.

Auschwitz, Poland. Taken by: Mary Kate Peter

Krakow, Poland

Last but not least, my most favorite city that was so unexpectedly lovely is Krakow, Poland. Seriously if this isn’t on your radar, you are missing out. We spent a fantastic and affordable trip to Krakow, and it was unforgettable. When I was a girl, I played Anne Frank in a small school play, and her story, along with many others, have made an impression on me for a lifetime. I had always wanted to pay my respects to those lost in the Holocaust. While in Krakow we made sure to make our way to the somber experience and respectfully visit Auschwitz. This was a challenging experience, but one I believe all should do. It’s essential never to forget the lives and the horrors that took place here. Krakow was freezing in November, but the Vodka kept us warm, and we were delighted by how lovely everyone was. Everyone we met was so patient and loving. We made sure to have dinner in the Jewish Quarter and enjoyed an authentic Jewish Polish meal. The food here is excellent, and I hope to go back to Poland and see all that it has to offer.

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